Two-Toed Sloths are native to the rain forests in Costa Rica, we are the slowest animals on the planet and lots of people want to know if we're nocturnal (awake at night) or diurnal (awake during the day) but we're really neither. We're only awake for 4-6 hours a day and that can be at any time.

We eat lots and lots of leaves and plants but have a very slow metabolism so we only go to the bathroom about once/week! Our bodies are made of mostly retractor muscles so we can't walk or sit upright but we're sure good at hanging around. In the wild we even grow a green moss that covers our fur and if we're hungry we can always nibble on that! Another cool fact is that we have the lowest and more variable body temperature of any mammal we can be comfortable anywhere between 72 and 94 degrees!