We have so many Roos for you too see here at the Zoo. We have Bennett's Wallabies, Dama Wallabies, Swamp Wallabies, Agile Wallabies, Eastern Gray Kangaroos, Red Kangaroos, Red Wallaroos, and Wallaroos.

When born, roos are about the size of a jellybean. Roos-N-More Zoo is one of the only places where you can see inside the pouch of a kangaroo. We don't show every tour that comes around, but if you come on a private tour or party event, we promise to share.

A roos mom's milk changes as baby roos grow up and they only drink from the one nipple that the mom assigns them, to make sure they get the right nutrients. The time they take to come out of the pouch depends on the species they are.