Roos-N-More is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) charitable organization that supports animals of Roos-N-More Zoo. The focus of our facility is to provide a loving quality environment for all of our animals. The animals assist in this process by allowing us to share them with others and promote conservation through education. In addition to providing a permanent home for over 150 animals; we also rescue, rehabilitate, and relocate animals to other suitable facilities when their needs cannot be met here with us.

We work solely on donations from other animal lovers. Please help us continue to make a difference by supporting our work. All donations to Roos-N-More go directly to help the animals. Donations are used to purchase necessary food and supplies, provide toys for enrichment, or repair, improve, or expand habitats. Your tax-free donations are greatly appreciated.

Sponsor an Animal

You can choose your favorite Roos-N-More animals and help meet their needs by sponsoring them. All donations will go towards food, toys, habitat, and care for the animal of your choice. People who donate more than $20 will receive a picture of the animal they contribute to as well as other goodies.

Meet the animals you can help

One-Time Donations

Make a one-time donation of your choice. Every dollar helps.

Roos Wish list

If you can't make a financial donation but still want to help or if you have extra supplies lying around, you can bring any of the following items to your next zoo visit and make a difference. Anything is greatly appreciated.

  • 1. Gas Cards
  • 2. Tilapia Filets
  • 3. Frozen Seafood Mix
  • 4. Lobster
  • 5. Dried Fruit
  • 6. Lumber/Home Improvement Cards
  • 7. Zip Ties
  • 8. Paper Towels
  • 9. Baby Toys
  • 10. Bird/Small Mammal Toys & Supplies
  • 11. Cases of bottled water/sports drinks
  • 12. Duct Tape
  • 13. Small Rakes/Shovels
  • 14. Frozen Fruits/Vegetables
  • 15. Straw, Shaving
  • 16. Pee Pads
  • 17. Simple Green/Bleach
  • 18. Gently Used Animal Toys
  • 19. Pocket/Utility Knives
  • 20. Pet Store Gift Cards
  • 21. Feed and Tack Supplies
  • 22. Building Supplies *call if questions
  • 23. Trash Bags
  • 24. Ziploc Bags (any size)
  • 25. Sponges
  • 26. Laundry Detergent